Hygge in 2017: What You Need To Know


    Has anyone heard of the Hygge movement (Pronounced HOO-Gah)? I just recently heard about it, and was simply amazed at its popularity in 2016 & 2017 so far. Hygge is defined in the dictionary as a Danish word that is associated with getting cozy in the comfort of your own home! It is also described as a mood or feeling associated with making everyday, ordinary things more enjoyable, meaningful, and special. Long gone are the days where everyone wants to go out, eat out, socialize out every single weekend. Younger generations are finding more time to get comfortable being in their element and wanting to unwind after a long and tumultuous week at the office. Staying in is the new going out.

    More often times than not, people are getting more educated on healthier eating habits and lifestyles. This does not mean going out is lame, or not as popular but you will find the younger generations wanting to relax and unwind more than ever before. Alcohol is expensive when you are purchasing it at a restaurant, and it is packed with calories. Lack of sleep causes aging, wrinkles, and sluggishness the day after. It is just simply not as appealing as it once was. Finally, trying to actually have a meaningful conversation in an overcrowded bar or restaurant just won’t happen.

    How To Hygge

    Inviting a few friends over to just “relax” and unwind is also a popular occurrenceIf you are confused on how to join in on this cozy trend, simply grab your favorite blanket and put on a cozy pair of slippers. Light your favorite candles, and read a book by the fireplace. You have just joined the Hygge movement. Inviting a few friends over to just “relax” and unwind is also a popular occurrence. You will actually be able to communicate with them, and learn more about their week by just creating a comfortable environment they can look forward to as well.

    Sure, it has been said that winter is the coziest time of the year because you are spending a lot of time indoors due to the colder weather. That doesn’t mean you can’t Hyyge in the spring or summer months! You can also enjoy the Hygge way of life by enjoying the simple thing outdoors, and creating time for your body and mind to benefit. Enjoying life’s most simple encounters are crucial to the Hygge way of life.

    To Recap

    Enjoying a good book, board game, or drink by the fire may give you more peace in your life! These social settings can be optimal for creating longer lasting, and stronger relationships overtime. There is no need to get dressed up, made up, and overlooked by people any longer. Your new way of relaxing will be more appealing to your family and friends. It will make your home feel more comfortable to those who visit, and you will be doing your health a favor in the process! Living in the United States, where life is naturally a little faster paced will force you to really practice Hygge. It comes easier to other cultures that encourage downtime and relaxation, because everyone is on the same page. Try it out for size, and see how your friends and family like it!


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