3 Quick Tips On How To Get Rid of Muscle Soreness Fast

You did it! You completed a tough fitness workout, and it’s the day after and boy are you sore! You are probably thinking to yourself, was it worth it? I can hardly move right now, and I don’t like it! Well, there is good news amongst all of the pain you are going through; not only are you getting stronger but you are getting healthier as well. There are a couple quick tips to help you recover faster from sore muscles, as well as alleviate any up front pain you are going through.


That’s right, a massage. It may seem too painful to go and get a massage, but the benefits are worth it. If you have the budget to go get a massage once a month, it will do your body good. They will essentially put your body into a relaxed state, and work all of that lactic acid out that has built up, as well as getting your body’s tight and knotted up muscles relaxed. Most people do not have the time, or money to get a massage once a week, but try and aim for once a month at least!

 Hot-Cold Showers

This little trick does wonders for your body after it has been pushed past its limits. By getting the water temperature hot, and then cold again it will force your body to increase blood flow, which then transports inflammation away from the tender areas. Start off by stepping into a warm shower and then alternate between 20-30 seconds cold, and 10 seconds hot. You do not need to repeat this pattern longer than 5 minutes. It may sound uncomfortable, but it truly leaves you feeling refreshed and your muscles will be rejuvenated.

 Omega-3 Supplement

I don’t know about you, but some Omega-3 oils make me gag! When getting an omega-3 supplement always try and find one made with (TG) Triglyceride oil for better absorption, and less of an aftertaste. These little hummers will do wonders for easing inflammation in the body and will help speed up your recovery time. Take one capsule a day, and you will notice ease up to 48 hours after your workout.

While these are just three simple tips to easing your muscle soreness, they will go a long way for you as you seek relief. Remember, muscle soreness is not an injury rather a small teardown of your muscles. They will build back up stronger and leaner than they were before, so good work!

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