5 Herbs/Foods That Eliminate Bloat

We have all been at the mercy of heartburn, cramps, and the most annoying of them all bloating. There is nothing more irritating than feeling like you are going to pop, along with your clothes feeling like they are all of the sudden way too small. My mind instantly goes back through all of the foods that I have eaten throughout the day, as I am determined to stop bloat right in its tracks. But why not shift your mindset to adding in certain foods that might abolish bloat from even entering into your body, with these five herbs?


Ginger naturally is known for taking away nausea and is your ticket to relief when you are feeling ill. However, there are also studies that have been done on Ginger, which accredits this powerful food to relaxing your digestive track. Because it works as an anti-inflammatory ingredient the outcome for a happier stomach is in reach! You can ingest ginger a thousand different ways, but one of the most popular (for on the go) is buying crystallized ginger at the store, and simply eating a couple at a time if you are experiencing stomach issues.


Does this one come as a surprise to anyone? I did not think so. There is a reason why the after dinner mint is still around in many restaurants today, as it relieves cramping in the stomach if present. Peppermint naturally eases and soothes the body of any pain to the digestive track. You can suck on a mint, take it in your tea, or simply chew on straight peppermint leaves for the ultimate relief! I’ll take another mint please.


Artichoke leaves naturally eliminate fermentation. Fermentation is what causes gas and bloating in the stomach, leaving us feeling large and uncomfortable out of the blue. No need to eat the actual artichoke leaves though, rather go straight for the artichoke heart drizzled with some olive oil to help alleviate any gas or bloating that you may be experiencing. Artichoke leaves themselves are rather bitter and not bad for you, but go ahead and try at your own risk!


For those of you who do not know what Miso is, it is simply a traditional Japanese seasoning made by fermenting soybeans and fungus together. It is traditionally added to a soup full of broth and tofu, which in turn is called “Miso Soup.” By sipping on this flavorful broth, you are not only warming your entire body with nutrients, but you are naturally cleansing your digestive track which then eliminates bloat and constipation.

Apple Cider Vinegar

The famous apple cider vinegar wears more hats than any vinegar I have ever come across. This super liquid helps with a number of things, and one of them is bloat and acid reflux! Because the taste of apple cider vinegar alone is quite strong, it automatically tightens your throat, which keeps the acid in the stomach where it belongs! Because apple cider vinegar is fermented, it also aids in gut health, which in turn wards off bloating and indigestion.

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