5 Signs You Need To Change Your Diet

Many of us search for signs of change when it comes to our diets, and contemplate whether or not we need to jump on yet another diet program only to fall short? We constantly are battling the binge eating, sugar addictions, and the carb overloads on a daily if not hourly basis. Not every single diet you see will work for you, but its time to take a look at how you are approaching dieting and the way you look at food, to see if you really do need to change your diet up to better your health over the long haul.

You Constantly Dream of the Drive-Thru

This is the first sign that your body is lacking key ingredients for survival at the highest level. When your body is craving sugars, grease, and carbs a red flag needs to go off in your mind saying you need REAL nutrients instead of garbage. Many diets cut out fats from the diet plan, because they are higher in calories, which leave you wanting more of it! Instead, try and add healthy fats to your food choices such as olive oil, avocado oil, or coconut oil, which will leave you feeling much more, satisfied. These ingredients also help you lose weight believe it or not!

 You Cut Out Major Food Groups

Do you find yourself cutting our major food groups like dairy, or gluten for the sake of trying a new diet fad? It is never good to completely cut a food group out of your diet unless you have a complete intolerance to it. The moment you introduce those foods back into your diet, is the moment when the weight starts coming back on! Always keep in mind any diet changes need to be sustainable for the long haul so your body does not fight back when you incorporate it back into your daily regime. Moderation is key here.

 You Succumb To Binge Eating

We have all been there, and gone through that great diet day where we ate nothing but good foods only to destroy the streak late at night by eating an entire pint of ice cream. This is not your lack of willpower, but it is your body’s message to you saying that you have not had enough nutrients in the day. Binging is caused by a literal biochemical response from your brain to your stomach letting it know, “I need more, and fast!” Small snacks throughout the day in between meals are a sure fire way to ensure binge eating does not occur on a daily basis!

 You Become “Hangry” Often

The term “Hangry” came from angry and hungry put together. If this is you, be mindful that your body is crying out for more nutrient dense options. This happens to people who just start out on their diets more often than not because of a calorie constriction. Always snack on healthy food options that will keep your blood sugar stable, and your calorie count in check for the day to avoid the “hangry” plague.

 You Are Always Sick

If you are constantly battling a cold of some sort, it most likely has to do with diet imbalances. Getting an adequate amount of protein each day ensures that your immune system can function properly. Proteins essentially help the body fight off bacteria, and if there isn’t enough protein to fight the bacteria, those proteins will go to the most important function (fuel) which in turn will leave bacteria in the body causing illness. Make sure you are getting enough protein in your diet to ensure that your immune system can properly do it’s job!

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