All About Brussels Sprouts

Some may hate them, and others may love them but there is no doubt that Brussels sprouts are great for your health overall and are approved on pretty much every diet! They are great in lowering cholesterol levels in the body, prevent cancer, as well as have the ability to protect your DNA! There are so many different benefits overall to consuming these small but tasty little veggies, so stay alert as you read the fun facts, benefits, and nutritional facts brussel sprouts have to offer. Take a look at the most recent recipe, with a delicious flat iron steak and Brussels sprouts of your choice here.

Brussels sprouts Interesting Facts About Brussels Sprouts

  • “Unlike most fruits and vegetables, Brussels sprouts do not need to ripen before you eat them.” [1]
  • “The British eat more Brussels sprouts per head than any other country in Europe.
  • The reason so many of us dislike the flavour of sprouts is due to a specific gene, TAS2R38, which makes them taste bitter to some people.
  • Brussels sprouts were grown in Belgium from the 13th century which is what gave them their name, though the ancient Romans grew them too.” [2]

Why Are They Good For You?

Although they are small, they sure are mighty and pack a huge punch in the nutritional department. So what is this talk about their superpower, protecting the DNA? According to World’s Healthiest Foods, “A recent study has shown improved stability of DNA inside of our white blood cells after daily consumption of Brussels sprouts in the amount of 1.25 cups. Interestingly, it’s the ability of certain compounds in Brussels sprouts to block the activity of sulphotransferase enzymes that researchers believe to be responsible for these DNA-protective benefits.” [3]

Aside from that fun fact, they are loaded with healthy levels of vitamin K, C, and folate. In more intense news, they are closely linked with cancer prevention too which produces more studies than any other topic. This cruciferous vegetable can detox the body from the inside out with its ability to provide antioxidants and vitamins and minerals essential to prevention. “There is evidence from human studies that enzyme systems in our cells required for detoxification of cancer-causing substances can be activated by compounds made from glucosinolates found in Brussels sprouts.” [3]

Ideas For Consumption

Let’s talk about the actual reason those who like Brussels Sprouts actually want to eat them. It is because they taste good! Just because something is good for you does not mean it has to taste poorly, and those of you who are fans of this veggie know just what I am talking about. You can keep it really simple and drizzle olive oil and sea salt over cut sprouts, and toss them in the oven. Or you can add them to a skewer of chicken, and peppers with light seasoning for an all around nutritious meal. Next time you are at the grocery store, don’t forget to pick up a handful of these nutritious vegetables that are low in calories but oh so good for the body.


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