How To Stay Fit Among Our Busy Lives

There are too many times we come home completely exhausted from a long day’s work, and all we feel like doing is laying on the floor and not moving an inch. Does this sound familiar to anyone else out there? Among life’s demands, we find ourselves putting our health and wellness on the backburner, when in reality it is one of the most sacred parts of our life that deserves to be a top priority. There are a few simple tips and tricks I will explain below to help you keep your fitness and wellness a top priority and still be insanely busy.

  1. Prioritize Time: This is the most vital key to making sure you have enough time in your day to squeeze a little workout in. Waking up 15 minutes earlier than normal to get a small session of pushups, sit-ups, and body weight squats in before jumping in the shower can do wonders for your body and your mindset during the day. By making an effort to dedicating 30 minutes to getting a sweat going each day, you will start to see results and feel the rejuvenation come over your body.
  2. Don’t Always Take a Car: If you are supposed to meet up with a friend for lunch, coffee, or dinner why not make it more fun and bike or jog to the destination? Your metabolism will get going, your workout will be completed for the day, and you can enjoy the company of your friend without worrying about having time afterward to workout. Chances are, that friend drove so you can catch a ride to your origin with no problem. Or another option could be parking further away and walking the desired distance.
  3. Productive TV: I get it. Everyone needs to shut off, and just watch a little television now and again. While you are numbing your mind, why not get down in a plank position, or throw in a few pushups at each commercial break? You will be killing two birds with one stone, and chances are you will feel way better afterwards.

With these simple yet realistic tips on how to maintain your fitness amongst a busy lifestyle, you will feel much better about your overall progress even if you didn’t have the energy or time to get a full workout in for the day. Just remember something is always better than nothing, so get creative and find tiny tid bits of time to throw your body into a fat burning phase.

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