Just Legs Workout

This workout is going to focus primarily on your legs, so if you are in the market for toning your legs you are in the right place! It is short but sweet, and you will feel the burn for sure!


  • Metabolism
  • Growth Hormones
  • Mental Strength
  • Upper-Body Strength
  • Functional Strength
  • Symmetry

 *Always remember to do a small warm up and stretch before any workout! You do not want to get hurt by jumping into a new exercise routine that your body is not used to. Always have water close by for optimal hydration throughout your workout.

Recommended Equipment

  • Watch or Timer
  • Yoga Mat (Optional)


Leg Circles

Standing straight up with your hands on your hips, kick out your right leg to the side and then draw a large circle with your toe. Repeat for 30 seconds (for moderate workout) on the right, and then switch to the left side once your first 30 seconds are complete. Make sure to stand nice and tall, and do not hunch over.

Beginner: 3x 10 seconds each leg

Moderate: 3x 30 seconds each leg

Advanced: 3x 60 seconds each leg

Split Squat

You will start in a single leg squat position with your right knee bent and forward and your left leg bent and behind you. Jump up and land in a squat position on the same legs. No need to alternate until the clock runs out. Switch to the other side once the 30 seconds (for moderate workout) is up.

Beginner: 3x 10 seconds each leg

Moderate: 3x 30 seconds each leg

Advanced: 3x 60 seconds each leg

Side Plank With Hip Lift

Resting on one side of your body, lift up with your hips parallel to the floor while putting your weight on your elbow. Move your hips up toward the sky and then back down toward the floor for 30 seconds (for moderate workout) each side.

Beginner: 3x 10 seconds each side

Moderate: 3x 30 seconds each side

Advanced: 3x 60 seconds each side

Sumo Squat

You will start off by standing with your feet shoulder length apart, and your hands in a fist near your chest. When you go to squat down widen your legs and point your toes out left and right. Go deep with your squat and then pop back up into the shoulder length position.

Beginner: 3x 10 seconds

Moderate: 3x 30 seconds

Advanced: 3x 60 seconds

Calf Raises

Standing with your feet in a comfortable position, and your arms down by your side lift up and put the weight onto your tiptoes. Come back down for a count of 1. Continue to pulse up and down on your calves until you feel a burn.

Beginner: 3x 30 seconds

Moderate: 3x 60 seconds

Advanced: 3x 90 seconds 

Wall Sits

Find an empty wall, and get ready to feel the burn in your quads! Sit down in table top position. Your legs should be at a perfect 90 degree angle, and you should not be resting any weight onto your quadriceps. Tighten with your abs when your legs feel shaky, and hold for 30 seconds (for moderate workout). Your back should be flat against the wall.

Beginner: 3x 10 seconds

Moderate: 3x 30 seconds

Advanced: 3x 60 seconds

Your legs should be feeling the burn! For optimal results go through this series three times and up times if you feel you need more! Always get a small cool down and stretch complete after each workout. Drink water and get feeling stronger in no time!6


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