Motivation, and How To Acquire More Of It

Motivation lies within us all, it is just a matter of figuring out how to tap into its database. Many people go through phases in their lives where they are motivated one day and then completely unmotivated the next day. What if there was a way to stay motivated through the day-to-day activities that can leave us feeling lethargic and tired? Many would say I am crazy, but there are a few simple tricks you can adopt in your own personal way of life to stay motivated more consistently.

 Hold The Complaints

It is very easy to cling onto someone who constantly enjoys complaining about every little nuance life has for them. The saying “misery loves company” couldn’t be truer. Not only does listening to someone complain leave you feeling drained, but it also zaps your own personal motivation almost down to nothing. There have been many surveys done about how you are the most like the 5 people you spend the majority of your time with. Complaining can be contagious, and you may start to look for things to complain about overtime if you are used to hearing the negatives.

*TIP #1– Surround yourself with positive people, and you too will become more optimistic about the day-to-day tasks you are faced with. Examples of daily tasks: Taking care of kids, elderly parents, errands, work, and having to deal with bad customer service.

*TIP #2– Counter with a compliment. When you hear a complaint whether it is big or small, try and find positive words to say instead. Whether it is in your own head, or out loud to the person you are talking to, this will put you in the driver’s seat when trying to control motivation. Remember: Motivation is 99% mental.

 Set Goals

Sounds cheesy right? Wrong. Goal setting is crucial to your mental frame of mind, and will help you get through your not as motivated days with ease. When you have a free moment, brainstorm about your personal goals 1,5, and 10 years from now. This could include personal achievements such as running a marathon, or completing an ironman. Set goals for your careers if you are out in the work world 1,5, and 10 years from now. Where do you see yourself, and what made you successful? Don’t be shy to dream big, yet know your personal and financial limits.

*TIP #1– Have a goal book, and keep track of your goals throughout the years. It’s amazing what we can accomplish if we make ourselves aware of what we actually want to accomplish! Buying a shiny new notebook can always spark motivation to get your goals written down!

*TIP #2– Don’t be embarrassed. I remember the first time I was asked to write my goals down, and at the end we had to share a few of them with surrounding co-workers. I picked the modest, and most simple goal to share because I was afraid of what people would think if I shared my most extravagant goals. Looking back, I should have been proud of my big goals, and shared them with the group. Dream big.

 Be Gentle With Yourself, But Not Too Gentle

There are times when I need a good smack upside my head to get me moving and out the door. I run marathons for fun (crazy right?) and some days the training comes harder than others. I talk myself out of a run because I feel like I need to let my body recover and rest. My general rule: never talk yourself out of a workout 2 days in a row. EVER. If you can stick to this mantra, I promise you will feel like you have control over your motivation. Rest is extremely important, yes but only for so long. Remember why you want to get in the gym, or go workout in the first place and get back to your goals.

*TIP #1: Know your limits both physically and mentally. Be tough and disciplined on yourself while giving yourself a little grace here and there. With this little duo, you will make strides toward improvement, and feel good about your decisions in the process.

*TIP #2: Music! Motivational stories! When I hear my favorite song come on, all of the pain my body may be feeling, or mental exhaustion I can feel from a long workday goes away. I am ready to restart the day again. The same example goes with motivational movies and stories. If you are feeling unmotivated for any reason, go seek out inspiration and cling to the high it gives you!

Try your hand at a few of these simple tips and ideas when seeking to become a more motivated you. I hope this inspired you to become more positive, and proactive about taking charge of your personal motivation!

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