Positivity While Dieting


    It’s no secret that dieting can be plain hard, and frustrating  at times. It is not like that all of the time, but there will be lows and highs with your journey to weight loss. I will outline some key tips to maintaining positivity while going through the PS1000 Plan whether you have 10 pounds to lose or 100 pounds to lose. The mindset is going to be the same for everyone! One of the biggest problems of going through a diet is to feel like you are alone with no support. This simple point will lead many people down the road of failure, so don’t be afraid to get connected to those who are also on the same journey as you are!

    Tip #1 Get Connected

    Connecting People TogetherAs I mentioned above, it is important to seek advice and camaraderie with people who are going through the same program as you are! If you are one of those people who need help with the program, you might be surprised to find you really just need a little support along the way. For some this comes easier and to others being social is like pulling teeth. The PS1000 support groups are all online, so you do not have to physically meet with anyone if you are feeling uncomfortable. Simply jump onto the customer website ( and click on the Facebook link, or the forum link. It is easy to get topics started, and our questions answered. People are so friendly too, so you will receive nothing but support which will boost your success levels on the program.

    Tip #2 Be Prepared

    There is nothing worse than being hungry, and therefore making a bad decision that could ultimately derail you from the program. One slip up might lead to another, and before you know it the scale is not moving in the direction you would like it to, and you are feeling unhealthy. This is not the report we like to see at PS1000, so preparation is key. Having a few snacks on hand such as almonds, a piece of fruit, or a protein is essential to staying on track when the cravings strike. Meal prepping is also very important, so you are able to know exactly what to eat and when to eat it during the busiest parts of your week. Without proper preparation, it is hard to stay on a good path. Use the recipes we provide on the customer website for additional inspiration and motivation so that quality foods are your first choice.

    Tip #3 Get Creative

    Creativity is the key to success Slumps are bound to happen, so why not mix things up and get creative. Ask your fellow support group member what their favorite flavored water is, or their on the go snack of choice. This will be vital to mixing it up in the kitchen, and feeling your best out on the town. Creativity with your drinks, meals, and even in the way you are thinking about your weight loss journey are the keys to success. Everyone has a different number they are seeking out, but don’t forget weight loss is more than a number on the scale and more about how healthy you are feeling overall.

    Tip #4 Stay Consistent

    It took time to put the weight on, so it will also take some time to get it off. Be patient with yourself, and the program to work the way it is supposed to work. If you have a hard week, don’t throw in the towel but instead try to change things up and journal everything you are eating and when you are taking your drops to pinpoint what might be happening. There are many people who want to see results in the first week, and you might but be gentle with yourself if your body needs more time to adjust to your new lifestyle! Consistency is key, and you will see success if you eat healthy and follow the supplement guidelines!

    In Closing

    Remember that everyone has a different story, journey, and weight point that feels comfortable to them. The meals that work for some people, might not work for you! Be gentle with yourself, and try to pinpoint what works for you and what does not. Listen to your body, and know that you are doing the right steps for overall better health and wellness! The hardest part is the commitment to start, and you have already conquered that obstacle! Congrats, and keep it going!


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