The Benefits of Walking

The many benefits to getting those shoes on and taking a stroll are limitless. Studies have shown that it will most definitely give you more energy, as well as boost your mood in the day to day routine. There are many people who love to get up and walk in the morning, and then some who enjoy walking at night to relieve stress. Which time of day is the best for your body? While everyone is different, there have been proven results of a more productive and energy filled day when you get to take a walk in the morning. It forms good habits as well, as nothing can talk you out of a walk because your day has not really gotten started yet! There are multiple benefits of walking that I will explain below, so take heart and get those shoes ready!


Walking is fabulous for improving your circulation overall, and gets your heart rate to rise while lowering your blood pressure. By taking a walk every morning (or night) if you choose, you will be strengthening your heart and sharpening your mind. As your circulation improves, your chance of heart disease will drastically lower!

 Better Sleep

You read that correct! Just by taking a daily walk, you will improve your sleeping patterns, and ensure that you get a restful night’s sleep. Many people who have a hard time letting go of stress and anxiety will reap the benefits of taking a controlled walk, as it will naturally de-rail your mind from the business life has to throw at you which in turn will help you to sleep more soundly.

 Joint Support

People who walk daily are naturally giving their joints proper movement so they can be lubricated. Our body’s joint cartilage does not have access to direct blood supplies, but when you move and walk the joints are in turn fed by joint fluid that is produced with movement. The impact that occurs on our joints when we move brings oxygen into the area when the cartilage is pressed down.

 Brings Longevity

By walking, you are increasing your chance of living a longer more healthy life overall. Weight is dropped, as calories are being burned and your mental state becoming healthier as the walks progress. You will be able to do aerobic exercises for longer, when your body gets accustomed to the longer walks, which will get you in better shape overall.

 Lightens Your Mood

When you get your body moving by taking a brisk walk, your brain is naturally releasing endorphin’s, which in turn makes you happier. You are going to be filled with more energy as well, which always brightens a mood simply by itself. Getting that rush of endorphin’s will deem positive in many aspects of your life (health aside), which will make you feel better as a whole.

Who would have thought that going on a simple walk could lighten your mood, improve your circulation, improve your sleep, support your joints, and increase your lifespan? There are so many more positives too, that come from taking a simple walk, and enjoying some free time to yourself to reflect on your goals and dreams. Sometimes a walk is good to just think about nothing, and relax your mind into a state of complete Zen. Whatever you choose you will be happy you went on a walk, and your body will thank you too! Get out there, and enjoy!

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