The Benefits of Water

Water. Earth’s most pure and readily available source to keep our bodies functioning properly will make the difference in your health and lifestyle functions. Sadly, there are many places around the world that do not have access to clean water, and it creates a multitude of health issues, diseases, and shortened lifespans to people just like you and me. We are constantly told to “drink more water” but why? What does this simple drink do for our bodies, and why is it important?

We Are Water

Roughly 65% of the human body is made up of water, which is why it is essential to replenish it daily with clean water. Our vital organs depend on water for everyday function, so this alone is an important reason to stay hydrated. There are horrible stories every year about dehydration deaths whether it is from lost hikers, or shipwrecked survivors that simply lose their minds if they can’t drink fresh water for days. Their bodies literally start shutting down from the inside out, as they start to hallucinate and lose almost all brain function. While this is an extreme example, it is a good reminder that our bodies are over 50% made from water and it relies on this replenishment for daily function.

It Cleans and Purifies

Water cleans and purifies by expelling waste from the body. If the body accumulates too much waste, with no way to expel it the effects could be life threatening. Drinking water will help flush your kidneys, liver, and intestines, which will make your body happy and aid in healthy digestion too!

It’s Essential

Isn’t it crazy that water acts as a shock absorber for your spinal cord and brain? I learned this as a very young child, and it stuck with me ever since. The more water you drink the better off your body will feel, and function. Water delivers oxygen all over the body too, which will improve your health and fitness without even working out. It is important to workout too, but that’s a completely different topic! While everyone’s daily water intake limit is different it is always important to analyze your urine to make sure your body is getting enough. If you urine is light yellow to clear, your body is telling you that you are hydrated! If your urine is dark in color, you better grab a glass or two of pure H20!

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