The Irritating Comments You Receive When You Start to Lose Weight

Well done! You are on your way to achieving optimal health and nutrition. Not only have you overcome personal obstacles, but you are also overcoming daily comments that once would have made you give up! There is no hiding the fact that you are losing weight and you should be getting nothing but praise. Wait. You are getting backlash from people you never thought you would get backlash from? Don’t be alarmed by this, and stay pointed on the path you are on. Let’s see if some of these comments ring a bell to you or not.

 Why do you want to lose weight in the first place?

This question makes me want to pull my hair out, scream, and throw a tantrum like a three year old. Why does it matter “why” I want to lose weight? There are an abundance of personal reasons that I should not have to explain to people. Some reasons are: overall health and well being, more energy, impressing my boyfriend, fitting into a dress I fell in love with last year, a high school reunion, a beach trip to Mexico. The answers are personal, and they are endless. Horrible question.

You used to be so fun!

This statement not only makes you feel self conscious about your ability to be likable, but it also implies that you are no longer fun to be around in general. Nine times out of ten this statement is too bold for its own good, and it is more of an annoying exaggeration than anywhere close to the truth. Just because you don’t indulge in greasy pizzas and wings with your friends every Friday night doesn’t mean you have lost your ability to be a fun human being. Why should it matter what you eat, as long as you are a part of the group and partaking in conversation? Simply let them know why you are eating differently, and how it makes you feel better personally. Nothing against them whatsoever.

 Aren’t you happy with the way your body is without going through this diet change?

No. Clearly I did not feel like I was taking care of my body before, and want to start to do a better job now. Just because I have changed my eating habits does not mean I am judging you for yours. I actually do not care what you eat, and will never comment on it because it makes people feel bad about themselves. The street usually runs both ways, and it would be equally as offensive if I were to ask, “Are you happy with the way your body is after you eat all of that junk food?”

 I went crazy with health and nutrition once…

Good for you? Are you telling me I am going to fail, and become exactly like you are? I hate this comment as well because it implies that I am going to burn out and go back to my old unhealthy eating habits. There is nothing remotely motivational about this statement, and it is better left unsaid. I find it funny that all of the new attention I am getting is based off of my “new” way of life. Why didn’t I get harassed when I was just eating whatever I pleased, and never had an ounce of motivation to get to the gym? The truth is, your weight loss journey is unique to you and your own personal goals. You do not owe it to anyone to have to explain yourself and your actions. Good for you, trying to clean up your health and get on a lifelong track toward wellness and health is not an easy task.

I encourage you to simply tune out any negative comments that may come from friends or loved ones. Stay true to yourself, and know your personal goals inside and out. Maybe your positive example will unintentionally motivate someone close to you that may need to clean their act up as well. Actions speak so much louder than words over the course of time, so good for you! Keep up the good work and don’t let words bring you down!

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